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The Process
How It Works?
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Drive thru at our lab, located off Davie Blvd or our mobile lab bus and team will come to you 24-48 hours prior to event.
Limit exposure until results are given: Wait for negative result
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About Us
Real Time Results

A Pre-event real-time PCR COVID test providing next day results (or sooner) ensuring attendees of an event entry by providing their negative result.

We are committed to helping businesses, event venues, charity organizations, and friends and families regain the ability to gather safely by helping to reduce the spread.

What We Do?
Due to the pandemic, all major events and fundraisers have been put to a stop, with Real Time Result attendees can feel safe knowing that they can be free to enjoy the event without spreading or contracting the virus.
Since the start of this pandemic, people have been afraid to gather with friends and family, We provide them a platform to create an event and have their guests tested beforehand giving peace of mind for a safer event.
Make Your Event Safer
Testing Venue

Our testing venue is based on time, location and date of your event. Our lab team will set up a testing venue determined by location of your event. For larger groups our mobile lab bus will come to a set swab location of your choice.

* For fastest results feel free to come to our lab located off Davie Blvd in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The faster the swab is in, the faster you get your result!



  • 24-48 Hours Results Guaranteed!
  • Tells you if you have an active infection.
  • Test needed for most travel destinations.
  • RT-PCR Tests are considered the Gold Standard in Testing.
$150 for groups of 10 or more Schedule your test

IgG Antibody Test

  • 24-48 Hour Results Guaranteed!
  • The presence of these antibodies signifies the likelihood that you've had the infection

IgM Antibody Test

  • 24-48 Hours Results Guaranteed!
  • A positive result indicates that the first antibody the body produces to the infection and you still may be contagious.

Complete COVID-19 Test Panel

  • 24-48 Hours Results Guaranteed!
  • Includes all 3 tests. RT-PCR, IgG and IgM Antibodies.

Don't delay your event, make it safe!

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